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Center for Relational Healing

We are a Nashville area Christ-centered counseling service dedicated to helping those who are struggling with various addiction and trauma concerns. Through a multi-stage process of therapy experiences, our nurturing support system encourages the client in working through unresolved emotional issues. Spiritual growth and a surrendered life empower the journey toward healthy connection with self, God, and others.


Challenges to Deeper Healing

Throughout stages of childhood, an individual is challenged to develop a healthy sense of self. Feelings of safety and trust, healthy boundaries, and a surrendered spiritual life are vital components in experiencing healthy intimacy with self and others.
Unfortunately, individuals often experience traumatic events and damaging relationships that bring "emotional baggage" into adult life. Such issues as unresolved resentments, fear of rejection and abandonment, history of abuse, sexual trauma, and addictions create barriers to emotional health. For many, the healthy expression of needs and feelings was not adequately modeled in their families of origin. The result is a disconnection with themselves, God, and others that compromises their abilities to share their true selves and to receive love from others.

There is Hope...

The Center for Relational Healing is dedicated to helping individuals recover from sexual addictions, betrayal trauma, and other barriers to healthy intimacy.

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Services Offered

Individual therapy
Sexual Integrity / Addiction Groups
Couple / Family Therapy
Trauma Resolution / EMDR / Brainspotting