Healing for Men

Men will begin a multi-level series of groups based upon their personal readiness and commitment to sexual addiction recovery. Stage I is for “newcomers” who need education and development of a personal recovery plan. Stage II is designed for men who have established a solid sobriety/recovery program and desire to go deeper in their path to serenity and wholeness.

Healing for Partners

Many spouses of addicts discover there are steps they can take towards greater wholeness and renewed intimacy with their partners. In our specialized groups partners heal from betrayal trauma and learn to move toward forgiveness, and pursue spiritual and emotional growth.

Healing for Female Addicts

Men are not the only ones who suffer from compulsive sexual behaviors. While it may appear differently in a woman’s life, the consequences can be very devastating. Healing for Female Addicts will involve a series of groups designed to help her in the recovery process. Education about the addiction is essential as well as developing a recovery plan for addressing the behaviors.

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