“Top Fives” CRH Recommended Books

Sexual Addiction (Male)

-Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction (Mark Laaser, 2004)
-Out of the Shadows (Patrick Carnes, 1983)
-Unwanted (Jay Stringer, 2018)
-False Intimacy (Harry Schaumburg, 1992)
-Sexaholics Anonymous (White Book) / Sex Addicts Anonymous (Green Book)

Partners of Sex Addiction

-Intimate Deception (Sheri Keffer, 2018)
-Worthy of Her Trust (Stephen Arterburn and Jason Martinkus, 2014)
-Shattered Vows (Debra Laaser, 2008)
-Forgetting What You Can't Forget (Lysa Terkeurst, 2020)
-Facing Heartbreak (Stefanie Carnes, Anthony Rodriguez, and Mari Lee, 2012)

Sexual Addiction (Female)

-Ready to Heal (Kelly McDaniel, 2012)
-Facing Love Addiction (Pia Melody, Andrea Miller, and Keith Miller, 1992)
-No Stones (Marnie Ferree, 2002)
-Sexual Healing Journey (Wendy Maltz, 1991)
-Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (The Augustine Fellowship)

Trauma / Family of Origin

-The Betrayal Bond (Patrick Carnes, 1997)
-Silently Seduced: When Parents Make Their Children Partners (Kenneth Adams, 1991)
-The Body Keeps the Score (Bessel Von der Kolk, 2014)
-Drama of the Gifted Child (Alice Miller, 1979)
-Adult Children: The Secrets of Dysfunctional Families (John and Linda Friel, 1988)


-Courageous Love (Stefanie Carnes, 2020)
-Relationship Cure (John Gottman and Joan Declaire, 2002)
-The Power of Two (Susan Heitler, 1997)
-Hold Me Tight (Sue Johnson, 2008)
-After the Affair (Janis Abrahms Spring, 1996)

Sexual Health/Intimacy

-Sexual Anorexia (Patrick Carnes, 1997)
-Talking To Your Kids About Sex (Mark Laaser, 1999)
-The Couple’s Guide to Intimacy (Bill and Ginger Bercaw, 2010)
-Sexual Healing Journey (Wendy Maltz, 1991)
-Restoring the Pleasure (Clifford and Joyce Penner, 1993)

Spiritual Maturity / Inspirational

-The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You (James Wilder, et al, 1999)
-The Gift of Being Yourself (David Benner, 2004)
-Life of the Beloved (Henri Nouwen, 1992)
-In the Grip of Grace (Max Lucado, 1997)
-My Utmost for His Highest (Oswald Chambers, 1924)

Unwanted Same-Sex Issues / Sexual Identity Concerns

-Sexual Identity: The Guide to Living in the Time Between the Times (Lori Burkett and Mark Yarhouse, 2003)
-A Bigger World Yet (Tim Timmerman, 2012)
-Crisis in Masculinity (Leanne Payne, 1985)
-The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert (Rosaria Butterfield, 2012)
-Desires in Conflict (Joe Dallas, 1991)

Adolescent Sexuality

-Every Young Man’s Battle (StephenArterburn, 2002)
-Adolescent Sex and Love Addicts (Eric Griffin-Shelley, 1994)
-What’s the Big Deal about Pornography? (Jill Manning, 2009)
-Soul Virgins: Redefining Single Sexuality (Doug Rosenau and Michael Todd Wilson, 2006)
-Every Young Woman’s Battle (Stephen Arterburn and Shannon Ethridge, 2004

Masculine Development

-Healing the Masculine Soul (Gordon Dalbey, 1988)
-Wild at Heart (John Eldredge, 2001)
-The Masculine Journey (Robert Hicks, 1993)
-Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart (Stu Weber, 1999)
-No More Mister Nice Guy (Robert Glover, 2000)

General Healing and Addiction Recovery

-Gentle Path Through the Twelve Steps (Patrick Carnes, 1989)
-The Voice of the Heart (Chip Dodd, 2001)
-Addiction and Grace (Gerald May, 1988)
-Power to Choose (Mike O’Neil, 1991)
-The Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous)

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